Hammar is the world number one for sideloaders!

Here at Hammar Maskin we are now able to look back on a number of extremely eventful years. Just like other firms, we
too have been adversely affected by the severe downturn that the economy has been experiencing. But we are now back and have fully recovered, and what feels particularly good is the knowledge that, despite the recession, we have never had to turn our customers away. Our stable economic position means that our customers can continue to feel secure in the choice of Hammar Maskin as a co-operation partner.

In addition to our ongoing process of continuous improvement we have also developed and launched new models. The n new HAMMAR 155 MegaTransfer™ was an immediate success. The MegaTransfer’s stabilizer legs make it safe and easy
to transfer goods to other vehicles such as trailers and railway wagons. The stability on handling is exceptional and it combines perfectly with traditional stabilizer legs. Another model that we have launched is the HAMMAR 140. With its 16 t lifting capacity it is an excellent complement to the light and medium-weight container range, and the fact that it is also available as a ‘clip on’ variant makes it even more interesting.

In this brochure we also unveil for the first time our brand new model, the HAMMAR 130, which with its 3 cranes is also capable of handling one of two 20’ containers individually to and from the chassis.

Full production of this, a 16 t SWL ‘MidiLifter’, will get under way in the autumn of 2014.

We continue to keep all production in-house and have recently invested in laser cutters and robot welders in order to safeguard production and increase our capacity. At the same time, our production is just as flexible as it has always been, which is absolutely essential for manufacturers like us who provide customized products. Each of our sideloaders is designed to meet the customer’s specific requirements and we have the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure that our trailers comply with all of the relevant rules and regulations which are in force in different countries around the world.

As you can see, Hammar Maskin never stands still, even if the economy has appeared to do so from time to time, but we
press ever onwards. Whilst we are continually moving forwards, however, one thing has remained unchanged, and will
always do so – we continue to work with a single product: sideloaders. Our concentration on sideloaders means that we
are the world number one in this field. We are constantly developing our sideloaders and work continuously on new technical solutions in order to meet our customers’ wants and needs.

Hammar Maskin has throughout its history been the first to come up with many novel solutions, and will continue to
do so going forwards, as we develop new products and ideas. Future Hammar products will be of even higher  performance, and there is no doubt about the current commercial trend: container handling is on the increase. This means that we have a very clear view of the future and we are confident of a continued, steady rise in the demand for our products.