Our flagship, the HAMMAR 150-Series is the result of an extensive development effort, in combination with the latest technology and long experience. It’s designed with a focus on high lifting capacities and transfering containers and flats simply and safely to and from other chassis (including railway wagons). With a 37 or 45 tonnes Safe Work Load, and tested up to 56 tonnes, the 150 series are the strongest sideloaders in the world.

The 150-Series is available in two different models, 151 and 155 (Megatransfer), which all can be integrated with different types of semi-trailer chassis. The 151 model has flexible support legs allowing for easier transferring close to a chassis in vertical position, or under a chassis. The 155 model, with it’s overleg, is extremely stable and greatly speeds up the transferring process, without risking damaging the companion vehicle chassis.