110 series

The 110-Series is the latest addition to the HAMMAR family. It has 3 main features: the double-action support leg, a significantly low tare weight and a newly designed crane. It comes with 36 tonnes Safe Working Load (tested up to 45 tonnes) and sliding 20′-40′ cranes as standard, optional stacking capacity.

The support leg features two modes. The StepOver™ mode and the Sledge™ mode. In StepOver mode the leg extends outwards 3,2 meters (10’ 6’’) in a ”step over” motion, often to rest on the ground on the opposite side of a chassis/wagon. This gives high stability and fast, safe and easy transfering from/to a chassis or wagon. The patented Sledge™ mode is when the leg is folded, giving a shorter reach of 2,0 m (6’ 7’’). A big advantage when space is limited and when placing a load against a fence or a wall. As the leg doesn’t need to unfold and because of a simplified design using a single cylinder, it’s also very fast.



  • Multi-purpose
  • Mega-transfer & ground-to-ground
  • Low tare weight