The HAMMAR 180-Series is the world’s lightest and shortest sideloader for medium weight or fully laden 20′ containers. Its lifting capacity ranges between 12 and 30 tonnes SWL (Safe Work Load), with the ability to stack containers two-high on the ground.

This fixed 20′ sidelifter is a superstructure designed to be fitted onto a rigid truck chassis of any brand.

With its compact structure and extremely low tare weight, from 3.2 metric tonnes, the truck mounted HAMMAR 180 is the lightest and most easily maneuverable sideloader on the market. Excellent for use in narrow places and where 20’ containers are dominating.

Starting over 35 years ago with the SL20 the design has proven itself in the humid jungles of Africa, in the dry deserts of Saudi Arabia, in virtually road-less mountain areas of China and of course, in shuttle-type operations in Europe.

With the many options available, the truck mounted HAMMAR can be equipped to suit every need for the handling of 20′ ISO-containers and flats.

Of course you can use a trailer capable of carrying another 20’ container behind your truck mounted HAMMAR.



  • Truckmounted
  • Wide range of lifting capacities
  • Compact & low tare weight