The double-action support leg features two modes. The StepOver™ mode and the Sledge™ mode. In StepOver mode the leg extends outwards 3,2 meters (10’ 6’’) in a ”step over” motion, often to rest on the ground on the opposite side of a chassis/wagon. This gives high stability and fast, safe and easy transfering from/to a chassis or wagon. The patented Sledge™ mode is when the leg is folded, giving a shorter reach of 2,0 m (6’ 7’’). A big advantage when space is limited and when placing a load against a fence or a wall. As the leg doesn’t need to unfold and because of a simplified design using a single cylinder, it’s also very fast. Twice as fast comparing to the StepOver mode.

The tare weight of the HAMMAR 110 S with 3 axles and standard equipment is as low as 8,2 tonnes (18.100 lbs), which is 2 tonnes (4.400 lbs) less than the most similar model, the HAMMAR 155. This means a higher payload, less tyre wear and less fuel consumption.

The crane design allows for a very large handling area. The 110 crane also gives a faster handling time, is easier to use and has increased safety. With the simplified design it’s also easier to service and requires less spare parts.


Gooseneck for transport of High Cube (9′ 6″) containers is available for for S, C and D chassis. All semi-trailers can be equipped to handle 45′ containers (other sizes on request).