With a maximum lifting capacity of 16 tonnes, the 140 series is an excellent alternative to the rest of our range. There is the truck-mounted HAMMAR 140 B and the HAMMAR 140 T, which is mounted on a trombone chassis. Powered by a petrol engine and wholly independent of the vehicle on which the HAMMAR is mounted.

Accessories 1

Extra plastic footplates
Extra plastic footplates Two footplates of 40 mm thick recycled plastic. Size 500x500 mm.
Automatic extra support legs
Automatic extra support legs The two extra support legs on the opposite side of the handling side are fully automatic and are maneuvered from the remote control box.
Drawbar coupling
Drawbar coupling Complete drawbar coupling is fitted on the HAMMAR.
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Axle pressure gage Using air suspension, one can easily measure the axle pressure.
ADR-equipment The HAMMAR is delivered fully ADR-equipped for transport of dangerous goods.
Spare wheel
Spare wheel A complete spare wheel with winch and bracket mounted on the HAMMAR chassis.
HOPE - Electronic eye
HOPE – Electronic eye HAMMAR Optical Positioning Equipment.
Remote Radio Control
Remote Radio Control A cordless radio control, model Åkerström, for all functions on the HAMMAR Sideloader.