The 190-Series is more flexible than the 160 series due to it’s telescopic, tilting support legs and higher lifting capacity options, and lighter than the 150-series, which yields a higher payload. The cranes and their stabilisers have been developed for both vehicle mounting and semi-trailer integration, and is available with or without stacking capability. All these things combined has made the 190 series our most popular sideloaders.


Gooseneck for transport of High Cube (9′ 6″) containers is available for for S, C and D chassis. All semi-trailers can be equipped to handle 45′ containers (other sizes on request).

Accessories 123

Extra plastic footplates
Extra plastic footplates Two footplates of 40 mm thick recycled plastic. Size 500x500 mm.
Advertisement plate
Advertisement plate An advertising plate mounted on rear support leg on the HAMMAR 190 model, suitable for company logos and marketing slogans.
Automatic extra support legs
Automatic extra support legs The two extra support legs on the opposite side of the handling side are fully automatic and are maneuvered from the remote control box.
Tool box, alloy
Tool box, alloy Tool boxes in a choice of sizes can be fitted.
Drawbar coupling
Drawbar coupling Complete drawbar coupling is fitted on the HAMMAR.
Central lubrication
Central lubrication Complete installation of an automatic centralised lubrication system.
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Axle pressure gage Using air suspension, one can easily measure the axle pressure.
ADR-equipment The HAMMAR is delivered fully ADR-equipped for transport of dangerous goods.
Spare wheel
Spare wheel A complete spare wheel with winch and bracket mounted on the HAMMAR chassis.
sideloader hammar 151 double stacking container
High stacking capability The HAMMAR can be delivered with stacking capability.
HAMMAR Safety +
HAMMAR Safety + The HAMMAR Safety+ is an advanced safety monitoring system, built with a central PLC system that guarantees safe lifting.
HOPE - Electronic eye
HOPE – Electronic eye HAMMAR Optical Positioning Equipment.
Remote Radio Control
Remote Radio Control A cordless radio control, model Åkerström, for all functions on the HAMMAR Sideloader.
Automatic twist locks
Automatic twist locks All HAMMAR models can be fitted with semi automatic twist locks.
2 x 20' Centre Container Beam
2 x 20′ Centre Container Beam The HAMMAR is equipped with a Centre Container Beam, perpendicular to the chassis and positioned in its centre.
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Separate engine on the HAMMAR Separate Power Pack, for independent drive of the hydraulics, on the HAMMAR.
PTO & Pump kit mounting
PTO & Pump kit mounting Complete fitting of a PTO/pump kit on your tractor truck unit.