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Prompt service saves time and money

HAMMAR Service After Sales

In the Service and Repairs Unit the red route is designed to reduce waiting times for our customers. Waiting around costs money, but our efficient operating methods enable us to save the customer a lot of time.

As we have our own production facilities where crane and chassis parts are built from scratch, we can simply go in and select those spare parts which our customers require. We are therefore able to offer prompt service with short lead times. Today we have customers who travel here from other countries to get their HAMMAR serviced, and that says a great deal about our efficiency.

In the case of major damage and breakdowns which take longer to remedy, our service is absolutely first class. We are always able to offer the loan of a replacement trailer as a standby, which means that our customers never need to interrupt their work schedule. As short a down time as possible, that’s our aim!

After all major repairs and renovations, the trailer is inspected and checked just as if it were new.


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E-mail: spareparts@hammar.eu

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E-mail: service@hammar.eu

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